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Welcome to E-Commentary

The E - Commentary is an initiative concepted and developed by the EU-funded project ‘Consolidation of the Justice System in Albania’ (EURALIUS). EURALIUS maintained the E-Commentary portal until handed over to the School of Magistrates on 17/12/2019.

The initiative arose in pursuit of the thorough reform of the justice system, which brought fundamental amendments to the Constitution and introduced (or amended) nearly 40 other laws regulating the organization and functioning of the justice system in the country.

Commented articles of the E – Commentary, introduce multiple novelties, new concepts, requests and unfamiliar procedures. These new standards should not remain mere paper but provide a basis for a new practice and case law. The E- Commentary is a tool for achieving this new purpose.


The users will be able to find the relevant provisions of the legislation alongside with the explanatory reports and comments specifically on the said article. The portal will help to bring together the academic sphere and those who apply the legislation in everyday life, for a better understanding of the social and legal aspects/effects of legislation and international standards applicable for each law.