The E - Commentary is an initiative concepted and developed by the EU-funded project ‘Consolidation of the Justice System in Albania’ (EURALIUS). EURALIUS maintained the E-Commentary portal until handed over to the School of Magistrates on 17/12/2019.

The initiative arose in pursuit of the thorough reform of the justice system, which brought fundamental amendments to the Constitution and introduced (or amended) nearly 40 other laws regulating the organization and functioning of the justice system in the country.
Until handing over to the School of Magistrates, the E-Commentary was focused on the analysis and commenting several articles of 4 (four) of the numerous laws that comprise the reform package: (i) Law no. 115/2016 ‘On Governance Institutions of the Justice System’; (ii) Law no. 96/2016 ‘On the Status of Judges and Prosecutors in the Republic of Albania’; (iii) Law no. 37/2017 ‘Code of Criminal Justice for Children’ and (iv) Law no. 7491, dated 29 April 1991, amended ‘Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Albania’. The overall input consists of 247 commented articles, out of them 186 commented in Albanian and 61 in English.
Commented articles of the E – Commentary, introduce multiple novelties, new concepts, requests and unfamiliar procedures. These new standards should not remain mere paper but provide a basis for a new practice and case law. The E- Commentary is a tool for achieving this new purpose.